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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Design of an orthopaedic-specific discharge summary

Interview question Prompt
What is your experience with the current orthopaedic discharge summary? Have you experienced any deficiencies or challenges while reading or writing a discharge summary? (If yes, please describe)
What do you view as redundant or minimally useful components of the current discharge summary?
What would you like to see changed with a new electronic discharge summary template? What do you see as valuable elements of a high quality orthopaedic-specific discharge summary? (ie. Main diagnosis, pertinent physical findings, results of procedures, pain management, DVT prophylaxis, wound care, follow up care? Appendix 1 shown to participants)
In your opinion, what logistical and environmental barriers might affect the completion of an ideal electronic discharge summary? What methods or procedures could be amended to implement the revised orthopedic discharge summary?