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Table 4 Current SCRQoL ratings for ‘occupation’ in one case study home and an example of the feedback given to staff about this domain during the feedback sessions

From: The acceptability and feasibility of using the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) to inform practice in care homes

Current occupation
  Number of residents % of residents
No needs 10 50
Some needs 8 40
High needs 2 10
• Just under half of the residents spent their time doing things they value and enjoy
 • Reading
 • Exercise sessions
• Just under half did some of the things they enjoyed but not enough
 • Long periods with no activity but did something later or we were told about other activities they do
• A few residents who had high needs – did almost nothing they enjoyed
 • Resident did no activities during observation and staff confirmed they do not do anything they value or enjoy. Another resident says she feels very bored and clearly states she does nothing.