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Table 2 Attendance to mammography in the German- and French-speaking regions of Switzerland in 50–69 years-old women: Swiss Health Survey 2012a

From: Breast cancer screening attendance in two Swiss regions dominated by opportunistic or organized screening

   German region French region
Women, n   1938 831
   % %
Mammography Never 28.8 7.3
  Within the last 2 years 34.9 77.8
  More than 2 years ago 36.3 15.0
Who prompted you to attend to this mammography?   
  Own initiative 16.8 8.5
  Following the recommendation of a medical doctor 73.1 36.5
  In the context of a screening program 10.1 55.1
  1. aall proportions are weighted according to the Swiss general population, except n