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Table 2 Overview of data collection procedure

From: Implementation of a Transfer Intervention Procedure (TIP) to improve handovers from hospital to home: interrupted time series analysis

  Instrument or Question Source
Demographical data   Medical record
Socioeconomic status Postal code  
Marital status   
Living arrangement e.g. independent, nursing home, sheltered housing.  
Hospitalization   Medical record
Ward Internal/Surgical  
Index-diagnosis Acute/Planned  
Length of hospital stay Time between admission and discharge  
Medical data   Medical record
Presence of polypharmacy Does the patient uses five or more different medications?  
Comorbidity Charlson Comorbidity Index [20]  
Number of hospitalizations during six months prior to current hospital stay   
Duration of patient handovers Time in hours between discharge and the medical, medication and nursing handovers Medical record
Readmissions Number of unplanned readmissions within 30 days Medical record
Emergency department visits Number of emergency department visits within 30 days Medical record