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Table 8 Revised Bounce Back Intervention (BB2)

From: Developing, delivering and evaluating primary mental health care: the co-production of a new complex intervention

The consultation (core) component of BounceBack
▪ Biographical focus (on the story of disruption) through a narrative (Unstructured) initial assessment (no tools/questionnaires)
▪ Help client explore and understand imbalance of resources and demands (both patient and practitioner) contributing to experienced distress
▪ Support client to identify opportunities for change and support them to do
The organisational components supporting delivery
▪ Sense making: use targeted resources to ensure all parties understand the service
▪ Engagement: Allow direct access (self-referral) and flexible referral patterns to enable patients and staff to engage with the service
▪ Action: Have trained and supported case workers in the practice to deliver the model of care
▪ Monitoring: Feedback the process and impact of care to practice (e.g. case reports and monthly staff meetings)
  1. Based on our revised description of the BounceBack intervention, we also produced a service delivery manual for practices – available from the authors