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Table 4 BB1 - the original BounceBack Intervention

From: Developing, delivering and evaluating primary mental health care: the co-production of a new complex intervention

An integration of the Self Integrity Model [30]* with the AiW Health approach**
 ▪ Adopts a person centred understanding of distress, resulting from an imbalance between resources and demands*
 ▪ Imbalance is explored and understood through open conversation focused on the patients experience*,**
 ▪ Identifying potentially remediable gaps in (practical) support in order to identify action points**
 ▪ Delivered by AIW Health case workers embedded into the primary healthcare team
 ▪ First assessment visit supports formulation of an action plan
 ▪ Follow up until practical problems limiting daily living and engagement with meaningful occupation addressed
 ▪ Resilience/forward planning meeting once immediate issues resolved, to consolidate learning (dealing with future problems), action plan for maintenance, and future contact route if needed.
 ▪ Recorded in the practice records to support integration with the clinical team
  1. * indicates areas of the BounceBack intervention developed from the Self Integrity Model; ** indicates elements taken from the AiW Health Approach