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Table 6 Correlations between the ten-factor model of the Norwegian NHSOPSC and the outcome measure item “Please give this nursing home an overall rating on patient safety” (E2) measured with Mplus (n = 337)

From: Psychometric properties of the Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture in Norwegian nursing homes

Factors E2
F1 Teamwork .498**
F2 Staffing .664**
F3 Compliance with procedures .527**
F4 Training and skills .598**
F5 Nonpunitive response to mistakes .520**
F6 Handoffs .606**
F7 Feedback and communication about incidents .608**
F8 Communication openness .673**
F9 Supervisor expectations .478**
F10 Management and organizational learning (new dimension) .824**
  1. **p < 0.01