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Table 1 Elements of AKI discharge communications assessed (n = 10)

From: Hospital discharge communications during care transitions for patients with acute kidney injury: a cross-sectional study

Element Type of communication
Discharge summary Patient discharge instructions
Description of AKI event
 1) Documentation of occurrence of AKI X X
 2) Identification of the cause of AKI (e.g., medication related, sepsis, etc.) X X
 3) Description of the course of AKI during the hospitalization (e.g., serum creatinine prior to the start of AKI episode, peak serum creatinine, and discharge serum creatinine) X  
Follow-up care plan
 4) Recommendations and timing of follow-up appointments or scheduled follow-up appointments X X
 5) Recommendations for treatment and/or observation specific to the occurrence of AKI X X
 6) Identification of an ambulatory health care provider (e.g., primary care physicians) to receive the discharge summary via fax, electronic communication, or mail. X