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Table 2 Bivariate associations between patients health literacy skills, communication and shared decision-making experiences in primary care and patients satisfaction with their general practitioner (N = 1038)

From: The impact of health literacy, patient-centered communication and shared decision-making on patients’ satisfaction with care received in German primary care practices

Variable Satisfaction with the care received by the general practitioner in the last 12 months (very good, good)
N (%) p-value*
Patient-centered communication
How often does your general practitioner or medical staff you see …
Explain things in a way that is easy to understand    <0.001
 always/often 910 94.3  
 never/rarely/sometimes 36 54.5  
Know important information about your medical history    <0.001
 always/often 865 93.7  
 never/rarely/sometimes 56 69.1  
Spend enough time with you    <0.001
 always/often 851 94.2  
 never/rarely/sometimes 92 74.8  
Shared decision-making
Involve you as much as you want to be in decisions about your treatment or care    <0.001
 always/often 837 94.3  
 never/rarely/sometimes 76 71.0  
Health Literacy
Problems when learning about medical conditions    <0.05
 no problem (rarely/never) 589 93.5  
 problem (always/often) 160 88.4  
  1. * The x 2 test for independence was used for categorical variables