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Table 1 Interview topic guide

From: A qualitative study of community pharmacists’ opinions on the provision of osteoporosis disease state management services in Malaysia

1. What sort of pharmaceutical services do you provide?
2. Do you think that the provision of pharmaceutical care would generate more income for you?
3. What do you understand by the term “osteoporosis”?
4. What would an osteoporosis management service in a pharmacy comprise?
5. In your opinion, how aware do you think the general public is about osteoporosis?
6. When did you last refer someone with osteoporosis to a doctor?
7. Do you face any difficulty when dealing with people with osteoporosis?
8. What would encourage you to provide osteoporosis disease state management services?
9. If you were to start providing osteoporosis disease state management services, what form of support would you require?