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Table 9 Measures (indicators) for primary and secondary outcome of interest

From: Improving access to medicines for non-communicable diseases in rural India: a mixed methods study protocol using quasi-experimental design

Factors to be measured Indicator
Primary outcome of interest
 Improved and continuous availability of generic drugs at PHC Percentage of PHC where all generic medicines for NCD patients adequately available in last three months
 Increased and regular access to quality medicines for patients with NCD Percentage of NCD patients/patient groups visit intervention PHC in last three months
 Out-of-pocket expenses among patients with NCD Percentage reduction in median OOP expenditure on medicines per year among NCD patients.
 The marginal cost of the intervention to that of the outcome Incremental cost effective ratio
 Improved compliance to standard treatment guidelines by the PHC Percentage MOs followed prescription practices as per the standard treatment guidelines.
 Improved demand of generic drugs among the patients Percentage increase in patients availing generic drugs from the PHC compared to what it was at three months back
 Improved utilization of medicines among NCD patients Percentage of NCD patients/ patient groups obtained complete and regular medication for last three months.
Secondary outcome of interest
 Better coordination among health staffs with regards to NCD patient group formation - Percentage increase in number of patient groups formed.
- Percentage increase in number of new diabetes patients registered in last three months for a given PHC.
- Percentage increase in number of new hypertension patients registered in last three months for a given PHC.
 Better drug procurement Percentage PHCs where drug procurement is up to date for the last quarter.
 Conduction of NCD clinics Percentage PHCs conduct NCD days in last three months
 Better reporting and recording by the pharmacists at PHC Percentage PHCs where medicines were dispensed as prescribed