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Table 2 Various rules under the transfer guidelines

From: Opening the black box of transfer systems in public sector health services in a Western state in India

Policy/rulea Explanation of Rule
Rule 1: The 3 and 5 year rule A gazetted officer of Class I and II should not be transferred within 3 years of service and must be compulsorily transferred after 5 years of service at one place
(Government of …….b, 2005 Section 1, Page 3)
Rule 2: No use of political influence If any gazetted officer brings pressure or uses influence of any parliament or legislative assembly member or uses political influence for getting transfer at particular post instead of following proper procedure of getting transfer then the concerned authority should immediately ask explanation from related gazetted officer/employee.
(Government of ……,b2005 Section 14, Page 13)
  1. aThe rules presented in the table above have been shortened to authors’ numbering and descriptions
  2. bState name has been anonimised