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Table 1 Description of the phases of the CATCH-ED intervention

From: Brief case management versus usual care for frequent users of emergency departments: the Coordinated Access to Care from Hospital Emergency Departments (CATCH-ED) randomized controlled trial

Phases Description
Phase 1 (Month 1–2):
Engagement and goal-setting
- Engage participant as soon as it is feasible (meet in the hospital ED or inpatient unit if possible)
- Rapidly assess needs, strengths, and existing resources
- Understand reasons for frequent ED use
- Provide practical needs assistance to meet basic needs and resolve immediate crises
- Develop individualized and focused treatment and support plans
- Liaise with participant’s other care providers
Phase 2 (Months 2–3):
Bridging and connecting to community-based care
- Provide ongoing practical needs assistance and crisis support
- Make referrals to longer-term community-based supports as needed
- Strengthen support network as needed
Phase 3 (Months 3–6): Transitioning and transfer of care - Transfer care to longer-term resources and support network developed in Phase 2