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Table 5 2012 Timeline: Activities associated with hierarchical control and stages of the research

From: Exploring factors that influence the spread and sustainability of a dysphagia innovation: an instrumental case study

  January 2012 February 2012 March 2012 April 2012 May 2012 June 2012
Hierarchical control Findings presented to the Allied Health Professionals Quality Group - aNutrition Group approved the recommendations from the first study Stroke unit task and finish group meeting - -
Participatory adaptation - - - - - -
Research Reviewing literature Reviewing literature - Developing proposal Developing proposal Developing proposal
  July 2012 August 2012 September 2012 October 2012 November 2012 December 2012
Hierarchical control aDysphagia included in the Essential Skills Log Book for newly qualified Registered Nurses (RNs) a Nurse Leaders approved the recommendations about using the Dysphagia Framework - Stroke unit task and finish group meeting aDirective to include in induction and training for nursing staff in Surgical Services Directorate -
Participatory adaptation - - - - - -
Research Ethical approval - Obtaining research governance Research governance approval Data collection: mealtime observations Mealtime observations and knowledge & attitude survey
Research set-up meetings
  1. aCritical juncture