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Table 2 Categories of interventions by effectiveness

From: Effectiveness of interventions utilising telephone follow up in reducing hospital readmission within 30 days for individuals with chronic disease: a systematic review

Intervention categories References
Effective Not effective
Telephone follow-up and pre-discharge interventions
 • Pre-discharge patient education and telephone follow-up Sales et al. [35] -
 • Pre-discharge planning and telephone follow-up Dai et al.-craniotomy [37]; Naylor et al.-medical [36] Dai et al.-stroke [37]; Naylor et al.-surgical [36]
Telephone follow-up and post-discharge interventions
 • Telephone follow-up, printed education materials and case management - Riegel et al. [31]
Telephone follow-up and pre-and post-discharge interventions
 • Pre-discharge education, telephone follow-up, and home visits - Jaarsma et al. [32]
 • Pre-discharge education, physical therapy and dietary consult, discharge planning, telephone follow up and home visits Anderson et al. [29] -
 • Patient-centred, transition-focused care curriculum for residents, medication assessment, telephone follow up and home visits Record et al. [34] -
 • Pre-discharge education, dietetic consults, telephone follow-up, and primary care or specialist follow-up - McDonald et al. [33]
Telephone follow-up and telemedicine
 • Telephone follow-up, telemedicine and telephone hotline - Sorknaes et al. 2011 [30]; Sorknaes et al. 2013 [28]