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Table 1 Methodological quality of included studies assessed by the EPOC risk of bias criteria

From: Effectiveness of interventions utilising telephone follow up in reducing hospital readmission within 30 days for individuals with chronic disease: a systematic review

Study Design Allocation sequence Allocation concealment Baseline outcome Baseline characteristics Incomplete outcomes Blinding Contamination Selective reporting Other bias
Anderson, 2005 [29] NRCT H H U H U L H L U
Dai, 2003 [37] CBA H H U H L U H L H
Jaarsma, 1999 [32] NRCT U U L L U L H L L
McDonald, 2001 [33] NRCT U U U L L L H L L
Naylor, 1994 [36] NRCT U U U H U L H L L
Record, 2011 [34] NRCT H U L H U L U L L
Riegel, 2006 [31] NRCT U L U U L L H L L
Sales, 2014 [35] NRCT U U U L L L H L L
Sorknaes, 2011 [30] NRCT H H U L L L H L L
Sorknaes, 2013 [28] RCT L L L L L L H L L
  1. Studies coded as high risk are labelled with “H”, those coded as low risk are labelled with an “L” and those studies coded as unclear (which did not provide sufficient information to assess risk of bias) are labelled with “U”