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Table 3 Summary of measurements and study outcomes

From: Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led community-based self-management programme for improving recovery among community-residing stroke survivors

Measurements Instruments Group Baseline Follow-up Outcomes
Self-efficacy SSEQ IG, UG × × ×  
Outcome expectation SSOES IG, UG × × ×  
Satisfaction with performance of SSMB SSBPS IG, UG × ×   ×
Health-related quality of life SSQOL IG, UG × ×   ×
Depressive symptoms GDS IG, UG × ×   ×
Community reintegration RNLI IG, UG × ×   ×
  1. GDS Geriatric Depression Scale, IG Intervention group, RNLI Reintegration to Normal Living Index, SSBPS Stroke Self-management Behaviours Performance Scale, SSEQ Stroke Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, SSMB Stroke self-management behaviours, SSOES Stroke Self-management Outcome Expectation Scale, SSQOL Stroke Specific Quality of Life Scale, UG Usual care group
  2. 1°: Primary outcome
  3. 2°: Secondary outcome