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Table 2 Diagnoses included in this study and their International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) codes

From: Implementation of integration strategies between primary care units and a regional general hospital in Brazil to update and connect health care professionals: a quasi-experimental study protocol

Diagnosis ICD-10 code
Infectious gastroenteritis and complications E86, A00–A09
Gastrointestinal ulcer K25–K28, K92.0, K92.1, K92.2
Ear, nose, and throat infections H66, J00–J03, J06, J31
Bacterial pneumonias J13–J14, J15.3–J15.4, J15.8–J15.9, J18.1
Diseases of the lower airways J20, J21, J40–J44, J47
Asthma J45–J46
Tuberculosis A15.4–A15.9, A16.3–A16.9, A17.1–A17.9
Pulmonary tuberculosis A15.0–A15.3, A16.0–A16.2
Heart failure I50, J81
Hypertension I10–I11
Angina pectoris I20, I24
Cerebrovascular diseases I63–I67, I69, G45–G46
Diabetes mellitus E10–E14
Infection in the kidney and urinary tract N10–N12, N30, N34, N39.0
Epilepsies G40–G41
Syphilis A51–A53
Infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue L01, L02, L03, L04