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Table 3 Analytical themes and sub-theme

From: Comparison of patient perceptions of Telehealth-supported and specialist nursing interventions for early stage COPD: a qualitative study

Theme Sub-Theme
1.0 Patient demographics 1.1 Living arrangements and support
1.2 Duration of COPD diagnosis
2.0 Information 2.1 How were patients informed about the service
2.2 Was service enrolment by informed choice
2.3 Service information provided to the patient
2.4 Was the service educational regarding their COPD
3.0 Installation of the Telehealth technology 3.1 Was installation straightforward?
3.2 Who provided instruction on system use?
3.3 Where the systems were installed in the home
4.0 Telehealth service functionality 4.1 Concern about use of the system
4.2 Appearance of the system
4.3 Alerts
4.4 Incorrect use of the system
4.5 Simplicity/ease of use of the system
4.6 Appropriateness of answer categories on the system
4.7 Embedding the service into daily routine
5.0 Visits 5.1 Number/duration of visits and activities undertaken
5.2 Number of service clinicians visiting the home
6.0 Service withdrawal   
7.0 Service perceptions 7.1 Feeling of comfort or safety
7.2 General views of the service
7.3 Ease of contact with service providers
7.4 Dislikes
7.5 Future use of the service
7.6 Interaction with provider staff
7.7 View of face-to-face home nursing visits
7.8 Promotion of the service to others
7.9 Service integration
7.10 Could patients tolerate additional questions on their first home visit