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Table 1 Quantity Indicators used in SSDI-PBI

From: Evaluating complex health financing interventions: using mixed methods to inform further implementation of a novel PBI intervention in rural Malawi

1. Number of pregnant women starting antenatal care during the first trimester
2. Number of women completing the four antenatal care visits
3. Number of pregnant women receiving at least two doses of intermittent preventive therapy
4. Number of births attended by skilled birth attendants (doctor, nurse or midwife)
5. Number of 1-year-old children fully immunized
6. Number of HIV-positive pregnant women who were initiated on antiretroviral therapy
7. Number of HIV/AIDS cases screened for Tuberculosis
8. Number of children receiving Vitamin A supplementation
9. Number of clients counseled for family planning
10. Number of couples tested for HIV during HIV testing and counseling services
11. Number of infants born by HIV positive mothers tested for HIV
12. Number of women who receive postnatal care after delivery by skilled health workers within seven days
13. Number of pregnant women attending antenatal care receiving iron supplementation