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Table 1 Thematic content of questionnaire

From: Palliative care for patients with heart failure: facilitators and barriers - a cross sectional survey of German health care professionals

Themes Number of Items Answer categories
Aims of PC 9 5-point Likert-Scalea
Organizational conditions of PC 16 5-point Likert-Scalea
Barriers to PC 18 5-point Likert-Scalea
Attitudes towards PC 14 5-point Likert-Scalea
Time to start PC 10 5-point Likert-Scalea
Is PC useful for CHF patients 1 Yes/No/No opinion
Is difference between general/special PC known? 1 Yes/No
  1. a 1 = fully agree to 5 = fully disagree
  2. Abbr.: PC = palliative care