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Table 4 Impact of Research Positions

From: The role and impact of research positions within health care settings in allied health: a systematic review

Reported area of change Janssen et al. 2013 Perry et al. 2008 Ried et al., 2007 Williams et al., 2015
Individual research skills or participation     
Writing/Dissemination n/a n/a Greater self-reported competence in writing research protocol, publishing research, writing & presenting a research report More involvement in writing publications, presentations and reports for participants who had access to RP
Funding n/a Increased no. staff applying for research funding Greater self-reported competence in applying for research funding Increased applications for research funding for participants who had access to RP
Data collection an analyses n/a n/a Greater self-reported competence in Using qualitative and quantitative research methods. No change to interpreting data Increased involvement in data collection for participants who had access to RP
Other individual skills n/a n/a Greater confidence in critically reviewing literature, finding relevant literature , generating research ideas  
Research activity and output n/a Qualitative reports of increasing numbers of research related activities (increased numbers of staff undertaking research training, participating in research, applying research findings to practice) Two RPs had prepared at least one manuscript for publication, one fellow applied for PhD scholarship Increased research activity reported by organisations with RPs
Research culture & attitudes towards research All four teams showed increased orientation towards research. Improved confidence in 3 out of 4 teams Improved research culture (practical, informational, and inspirational support, more aware of uses of research, growing ground-swell of interest and enthusiasm about research) Potential service gains (development of patient care, best practice services) n/a n/a
Team and organisational level research skills n/a n/a n/a All items of Research Capacity and Culture tool for team and organisational level were higher in organisations with RP
  1. *= RP(s) research position(s)