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Table 3 Summary of components of research position role

From: The role and impact of research positions within health care settings in allied health: a systematic review

Components of Research Role Davila et al., 2006 [25] Hulcombe et al., 2014 [11] Janssen et al., 2013 [15] Perry et al., 2008 [14] Ried et al., 2007 [9, 16] Reid et al., 2011 [24] Whitworth et al., 2011 [26]
Provide academic support to individuals and/or teams        
Getting started in research     x    
Obtain funding for research     x    
Disseminating research (writing for publication)     x    
Ongoing support of projects (e.g., mentoring/ encouragement)    x x   x  
Assist groups in steps of research (e.g., ethics, conducting literature review, grant writing)    x    x x
Help establish collaborations and networks    x x    
Education and training x x x x   x  
Support research utilization    x x    
Develop own research        
Undertake/develop specific research projects/streams x x    x x x
Supervise students (i.e., research higher degree) or staff x x      
Conference presentations   x      
Prepare publications   x    x   
Attract research grant funding   x     x  
Service level/organisational support        
Strategy development     x    
Establish service level and study agreements       x  
Establish database of research activities     x   x  
Establish research conferences     x    
Leadership and collaboration through networks and governance   x   x    
Develop research culture/ promote research activity     x   x  
Produce annual report       x  
Other non-research tasks        
Clinical work x       
Managing events        x