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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: The role and impact of research positions within health care settings in allied health: a systematic review

Study Study design Described role or impact? Participants description Geographical location Participant no. Nature of research position role in study
Location/Setting of role Profession of role Provided support to Funding of role Duration of role
Davila et al, 2006 [25] Descriptive case study Role Psychologist Boston USA 1 research facilitator position Academically affiliated medical centre Psychologist psychology, psychiatry, pulmonology, primary care Grant funded 6 years plus
Hulcombe et al.,2014 [11] Descriptive case study Role Early career researchers to professors across AHPs Queensland, Australia 21 positions across 8 health services. Queensland government health services Variable AHPs AHPs 3 of 21 positions funded by government, others co-funded with universities unclear
Janssen et al., 2013 [15] Mixed methods Role & impact Physios New Zealand 22 physios, 3 managers, 1 research facilitator Rehabilitation hospital Physio Physios and their managers Burwood academy of independent living and University of Otago 1 year full time
Perry et al., 2008 [14] Mixed methods Role & impact Nurses, midwives, AHPs and managers London, UK 98 completed questionnaires, 19 senior managers interviewed East London NHS Trust Nurse Nurses, AHPs Local funding 5 years, full time
Ried et al., 2007 [9, 16] Mixed methods Role & Impact AHPs Adelaide, South Australia 3 research fellows Primary health care unclear not clear - fellowship for personal research Government funding 0.2-0.5 FTE for 1 year
Reid et al., 2011 [24] Descriptive case study Role radiographers, undergraduates, registrars, radiologists Norfolk, UK unclear University teaching hospital Radiographer radiology department Government funding 5 years
Whitworth et al., 2012 [26] Descriptive case study Role SLPs North East England unclear Primary care NHS North of Tyne area unclear SLPs Partnership between university and NHS 1 year (initially)
Williams et al., 2015 [18] Observational (cross sectional survey) Impact AHPs Victoria, Australia 520 completed surveys Victorian health care 20 different AHP AHPs unclear unclear
  1. Physio physiotherapist, SLP speech-language pathologist, FTE Full time equivalent, AHP allied health professional, NHS National Health Service