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Table 1 Summary of key elements of the mobile phone intervention

From: MAHILA: a protocol for evaluating a nurse-delivered mHealth intervention for women with HIV and psychosocial risk factors in India

Key elements
1. Proactive, nurse-delivered calls by mobile phone at time convenient to the participant;
2. Call sessions are interactive and patient-centered. The nurse listens actively and uses theory-directed open-ended questions and probes. Communication is positive, non-judgmental and encouraging.
3. Content of calls is individualized to the participant’s cognitive representations, concerns (e.g., stigma/disclosure) and sociocultural context;
4. Screening for depression and other concurrent psychosocial risk factors;
5. Early recognition of barriers and referrals - Coaching through threats to care that may manifest over time;
6. Building of problem solving skills to aid participants in overcoming factors that may impede their engagement in treatment;
7. The nurse plays a mediating role between the health system and the participant. Enhanced continuity of care.