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Table 1 Elements of relational coordination of shared decision making implemented in Office-GAP

From: Implementing shared decision making in federally qualified health centers, a quasi-experimental design study: the Office-Guidelines Applied to Practice (Office-GAP) program

High quality   
Communication is… Office GAP Program element Measured by
 Frequent Office visits w/GAP checklist Use of checklist
 Accurate Decision support tools Use of ADA/ACPaand Health Dialog decision Aidsb
 Problem solving Self-management programs; Referrals to community programb
  Group visit, checklist Observation/Interviewb
Relationships include…
 Shared goals Checklist COMRADE39
 Shared knowledge Decision support tools Signed copies by patient and provider
 Mutual respect Group visit checklist form COMRADE39
Relationships result in…
 Enhanced understanding of “Here’s where we are today” Use of checklist
Pros and cons of treatments
 Confidence in care plan “We are on the right track” COMRADE39
  1. aADA/ACP: American Diabetic Association/American College of Physician
  2. bData available upon request
  3. COMRADE combined outcome measure for risk communication and treatment decision making