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Table 5 Parenting and child outcome indicators and assessment points

From: Improving children’s health and development in British Columbia through nurse home visiting: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Outcome indicators (Measures1) Baseline 34 weeks pre Birth event Two months 10 months 18 months 24 months
Parenting behaviours and beliefs
Breastfeeding initiation + duration [11]     x x x  
Provision of safe + nurturing home environment [11]     x x x x
Parenting attitudes/beliefs (Adolescent-Adult Parenting Inventory II) [81, 82]       x  
Child exposure to 2nd hand smoke [83]     x x x x
Neonatal health        
Pre-term birth    x     
Birth weight    x     
Apgar scores (1 + 5 min)    x     
Intensive care admission(s)    x     
Child health and development
General health + long-term illness [67, 73]        x
Immunizations     x x x x
Language (Ages and Stages) [84]      x x  
Language + cognition2 (Bayley SID-III; MacArthur-Bates Communication Development Inventories) [85, 86]        x
Behaviour2 (Child Behavior Checklist) [87, 88]        x
Healthcare encounters for injuries3     x x x x
Substantiated abuse or neglect     x x x x
Maternal and child service access and use
Prenatal programs x x      
Primary + secondary healthcare x x   x x x x
Specialist care, e.g., mental health x x   x x x x
Financial/educational assistance x x   x x x x
Other services, e.g., housing x x   x x x x
Parenting programs x x   x x x x
Early child development programs     x x x x
Other services x x   x x x x
Barriers to essential services x x   x x x x
  1. 1Name of validated measure (items partially sourced from other measures indicated by citation)
  2. 2Secondary outcome indicators
  3. 3Primary outcome indicator