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Table 3 Participant inclusion/exclusion criteria

From: Improving children’s health and development in British Columbia through nurse home visiting: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Women are eligible to participate if they meet all inclusion criteria at time of baseline interviews
1. Age 24 years or younger
2. First birth. Women are eligible if a previous pregnancy ended in termination, miscarriage or stillbirth, or if previous parenting involved step-parenting only
3. Less than 28 weeks gestation. Women are recruited prior to 28 weeks gestation to ensure that participants randomized to NFP receive their first home visit by the end of the 28th week of gestation, according to NFP fidelity requirements.
4. Competent to provide informed consent, including conversational competence in English
5. Experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage
Age 19 or younger
Age 20–24: Meets 2 of 3 indicators: Lone parent; less than grade 12; or low income which requires one or more of:
  i. Receiving Medical Services Plan Premium Assistance, disability assistance or other income assistance;
  ii. Finding it very difficult to live on total household income with respect to food or rent; [60] or
  iii. Homeless, defined as living on the streets, living in a place not meant as a long-term dwelling (e.g., car or tent), staying in a shelter, or staying somewhere temporarily with no permanent address (e.g., “couch surfing”) [61, 62].
Women are ineligible to participate if they meet any exclusion criteria at time of baseline interviews
1. Planning to have the child adopted
2. Planning to leave the BCHCP catchment area (designated Local Health Areas) for three months or longer during the trial.