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Table 1 Research protocols provided to PCN healthcare providers, including documents, processes, and systems

From: A qualitative study examining healthcare managers and providers’ perspectives on participating in primary care implementation research

➢ Project background, including development of the interventions (HEALD and TeamCare)
➢ Contact lists (research team, participating PCN staff across sites)
➢ Protocol to achieve member physician support
➢ On/Off study design timetable/schedule
➢ Patient recruitment algorithm/study flow, including:
 ▪ Protocol for non-response to patient invitation letter
➢ Patient recruitment and tracking system (Excel)
➢ Short screening survey package, including:
 ▪ Sample patient invitation letter from PCN
 ▪ Information letter
➢ Eligibility & incentives, including:
 ▪ Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
 ▪ Incentive
➢ Telephone screening script and protocol
➢ Frequently Asked Questions
➢ Checklist for packages sent to participants (HEALD specific)
➢ Data collection matrix
➢ Clinical protocols/instructions for intervention and active control groups, including:
 ▪ Informed consent
 ▪ Data collection of clinical & physical measures
 ▪ Discharge or end of study
➢ Information letters & consent forms
➢ Data collection forms & surveys
➢ Instructions for data entry & management