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Table 1 Description of activities and staff involved in the management of under-5 pneumonia inpatients

From: Measurement and valuation of health providers’ time for the management of childhood pneumonia in rural Malawi: an empirical study

Activities Personnel N
Assessment, monitoring and stabilisinga Senior clinical cadres  
 OPD assessment/admission Nursing officer 1
 Monitoring oxygen saturation Senior clinical technician 1
 Oxygen therapy Other clinical cadres  
 Monitoring vital signs Clinical technician 4
 Intravenous fluid infusion Nurse technician 12
 Oral rehydration Medical assistant 8
Administering injections Auxiliary nurse 1
 Benzylpenicillin Health surveillance assistant 1
 Chloramphenicol Support staff  
 Ceftriaxone Hospital attendant 1
 Gentamicin Ward clerk 1
Administering other drugs   
 Artemisinin-based combination therapy   
Diagnostic tests   
 HIV antibody test   
 Malaria blood film   
Administrative tasks   
 Ward round   
 Discharge paperwork   
 Other paperwork   
 Setting review appointment   
  1. a during the study period, no x-ray facilities were available at Mchinji District Hospital