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Table 1 WHO domains of youth-friendly health care services (modified from Tylee [4])

From: Searching for best practices of youth friendly services - a study protocol using qualitative comparative analysis in Sweden

WHO domain

Enhancing conditions


• Free or affordable services

• Convenient opening hours

• Convenient location

• Young people know about the services and how to get them

• Community supports the services

• Outreach work towards community


• Policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality in place

• Attitudes of providers: provide information, support young people decision making, motivated, non-judgmental

• Adequate environment: privacy, physical safety

• Strategies for gathering views of young people on the services in place


• Diversity in the staff working in the service

• Professionals treat all young people with equal respect, independently of their status.


• Good referral with other services

• Multidisciplinary teams

• Holistic approach – looking beyond the specific reason for consultation


• Professionals have the required competence

• Protocols and guidelines exist

• There are sufficient and appropriate equipment and resources