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Table 3 Comparing qualitative and quantitative job satisfaction data

From: Is the Job Satisfaction Survey a good tool to measure job satisfaction amongst health workers in Nepal? Results of a validation analysis

ID number Job Satisfaction Index (JSI) (quartile category) Interpretation of qualitative interview Maternal and Newborn Health Worker (MNHW) interview quotes
1013 4.65 most satisfied Satisfied “Community members and my relatives … recognize me as a good person when I support them in their health related problems and during pregnancy and delivery. I really love that.”
“There are no problems as the equipment are enough ”
“I feel satisfied because I feel capable of doing things like immunization, conducting outreach clinics, giving antenatal and postnatal check-ups, assisting deliveries, managing medicine etc.”
1026 2.31 most satisfied Satisfied “But here, because of transportation facility, it is easier to go from one place to another. Because of availability of facilities here, it is difficult for me to leave this place.”
“Compared to other places, [the community] is quite supportive. They come to the health facility and are friendly with the health workers and they are interested in getting information.”
2023 2.12 more satisfied Satisfied “I feel satisfied because this is my place and my office is near my house. When I am on duty for 24 h, it is easy to go home and then my friends inform me if there is a case.”
“Everything is good. All my friends, sisters and sirs are cooperative and friendly. They teach me the things that I don't know. So everything is nice.”
1040 −1.69 less satisfied Dissatisfied “The HMC said that they would increase my salary after 1 year, but it has been 4 years already and nobody cares about it.”
“Because there is a shortage of drinking water – it only comes every 10–15 days - I don’t feel like staying here. Sometimes I feel sad living alone here and being responsible for everything all by myself.”
“We keep on talking (about the lack of rooms), time and time again to our in-charge…he says that it will be done, but nothing has been done so far.”
2032 −2.29 least satisfied Dissatisfied “I don't feel that the staff have been mutually working here. However, you still have to work even if you are not satisfied with it. There hasn’t been any situation when all the staff have agreed to work together with their heart.”
“Actually, I don’t feel safe. While doing delivery, we don’t have anything besides gloves. We don’t have boots and masks so we have to be careful.”
  1. Note: JSI range: −7.37 (minimum); 8.35 (maximum)