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Table 3 Proposed components of a framework to assess organizational capacity for IKT

From: Identifying the conditions needed for integrated knowledge translation (IKT) in health care organizations: qualitative interviews with researchers and research users

Component of IKT capacity Conditions conducive to IKT capacity
Culture or philosophy of IKT • The organizational culture is seen to promote and foster IKT
• IKT is recognized by the organization at the highest levels in its goals, strategic plans, performance measures, and operational budget, and advocated by senior leadership
• The organization actively promotes collaboration across departments or units
Dedicated resources to support IKT • Dedicated resources are allocated for IKT including leaders, coordinators, space, forums and information systems
IKT linked to organizational priorities • IKT resources and activities are linked with organizational goals
Identifying collaborators and initiating IKT • Staff members are aware of individuals for the purpose of collaboration, and how to identify them
• A directory is in place by which to identify researchers or research users for the purpose of collaboration
• Staff members are empowered to take the responsibility for initiating collaboration
Linkages are facilitated by brokers or embedded positions • Intermediaries or facilitators are in place specifically to support IKT
• Researchers are embedded in departments or units
• Researchers and research users are familiar with each other’s HSPR needs and values
Critical volume of researchers • Expertise is in place or available, including scientists with knowledge and skill in various disciplines and research methods
Forums offer opportunities for interaction • A variety of forums, both in-person and technology-enabled are in place to support interaction that may give rise to, or enables IKT
• Researchers and research users initiate, lead and participate in IKT forums
IKT skill or knowledge • Staff are familiar with the concept of, and approaches for IKT
• Education and training are in place or available to develop value and skills for IKT among staff of all levels
Time for IKT • Time for IKT is accommodated or scheduled
IKT is incentivized and recognized • Staff members are accountable for IKT activities
• Time spent on, and the outcome or impact of IKT activities are recognized in performance reviews