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Table 3 Who undertakes activities in the sphere of health promotion for older people? The institutional analysis scope and sketched results

From: Institutional analysis of health promotion for older people in Europe - concept and research tool

Sector MAIN Institutions with health promotion functions indicated for the project purposes Street level health promoters- professionals, health care and public health specialists Place of setting Target groups Particular actions (examples) – where, how
Health (health care sector understood as involved mainly in diagnostics, treatment, prophylactic processes) GP/Primary care, Organisations, Insurers GPs, Nurses, Public health professionals, Physiotherapists Health centres/units Patient’s homes Older Patients Within service delivery – oriented on health conservation, improvement, postponing of worsening health condition, promotion of expected life style (improving health – diet/physical activity recommendation)
Occupational therapists, Dieticians, Exercise counsellors
Pharmacists, Opticians/optometrists, Speech and language therapists
Education/ Education offices/institutions Teachers, pedagogy specialists, Sport trainers Schools, other educational institutions, Sport clubs, Sport centres Population by age Educational programme realisation, sport/physical activity support and organisation
Sports organisations/clubs/associations
Social Assistance Social Services Social workers, therapists, officials Different settings (depending on the particular activity) Vulnerable older people Accompanying social service delivery, direct contact with professionals (advocacy for life style/habit change, personal support)
Environmental nurses
Governmental National public health agencies/organs/bodies Public health professionals, Epidemiologists Different settings (depending on the particular activity) Population Programmes, research, policy/strategy
Regional/Local Authorities Regional/local public health departments Public health professionals, Teachers, Play workers, Community workers, Social workers, Environmental health officers Different settings (depending on the particular activity) Population by age Strategies and policies at the local level, activities undertaken by particular professionals at the local level (local government. initiatives)
Enterprise Health and safety at workplace services (inspectorates), Trade unions and workers organisations, Employers organisations Occupational medicine specialists Companies/workplace Older employees Regular worker check-ups, diagnostics and other services performed by occupational medical services and professionals, Programmes/trainings organised at the workplace
Inspectors Occupational medicine units
NGO/Voluntary Social and civic organisations – NGOs NGO activists, Public health professionals, Trade union safety representatives, Pressure groups Different settings (depending on the particular NGO and particular activity) Groups of the older population Actions of different kinds addressed to the older population in need in different settings (determined by the NGO type and mission)
Media Media organisations Journalists - Health correspondents Different media (press, audio and TV programmes, internet) The population generally and seniors particularly Media designing/participating/supporting programmes/actions supporting health promotion for older persons.
  1. (Source: own elaboration)