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Table 2 Roles performed by institutions for HP4OP

From: Institutional analysis of health promotion for older people in Europe - concept and research tool

SPOFER role Description of functions performed by institution for a HP4OP programme:
(S) Setting The given institution constitutes a health promotion setting.
(P) Promoter The institution (its personnel) implements the programme as street-level promoters, educators, informers or advocates.
(O) Organiser The institution is responsible for organisation of a given intervention by initiating, providing administrative support, coordinating actions, managing, etc.
(F) Financing The institution provides funding (entirely or partly) for the given intervention.
(E) Expertise & evaluation The institution guarantees the proper evidence-based quality of health promotion intervention by providing: guidelines, knowledge, advisement, training, collecting and sharing experiences, but also by evaluating results, etc.
(R) Regulation, monitoring & control The institution provides legal regulations, monitoring and control: through supervision, registration or by issuing obligatory approval.