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Table 5 Factors associated with out-of pocket expenditurea among women eligibleb for CYc who delivered between Jan-Jul 2013 in three districtsd of Gujarat, India (N=995)

From: Utilization of the state led public private partnership program “Chiranjeevi Yojana” to promote facility births in Gujarat, India: a cross sectional community based study

Variablee   β coefficient 0.95 CI p-valuef
Place of delivery     
  CY utilizer 0.21 0.15, 0.27 <0.001
  Government facility Reference   
Type of delivery     
  C-section 0.80 0.66, 0.95  
  Vaginal Reference   <0.001
Eligibility criteria g     
  BPL or ST 0.07 0.01,0.13  
  BPL and ST Reference   0.02
Constant   0.67 [0.47, 0.86] <0.001
  1. aUSD (corrected for June 2015) after accounting for discounting followed by log transformation; b women belonging to socially disadvantaged population; cdemand side financing scheme ‘Chiranjeevi Yojana (CY)’ to increase institutional delivery among socially disadvantaged population; d Dahod, Sabarkantha, Surendranagar; eVariables added to linear regression model (forward method) were place of delivery, delivery type, eligibility criteria, age group and education status: latter two were not included by the model; f Standard of living, parity, ANC visits and ANC complications had high collinearity with delivery type and were therefore not included in the model; gsocially disadvantaged groups which includes both schedule tribes and below poverty line
  2. Model F stat: 54.5; p<0.001