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Table 1 Number of cases in which factors, arranged per domain, were identified that may have contributed to vulnerability, ill-health or death or that provide a complete or sufficient explanation for the death, based on the review of the 6 cases

From: Implementation of Child Death Review in the Netherlands: results of a pilot study

Domains Number of cases in which the factor was identified
Child's needs  
 Acute/sudden onset illness 4
 Chronic long term illness  
 Epilepsy 1
 Other chronic illness 4
 Disability of impairment  
 Motor impairment 2
 Other disability or impairment 3
Family and environment  
 Emotional/behavioural/mental health condition in a parent or caregiver 1
 Smoking by the parent/caregiver in household or during pregnancy 1
Parenting capacity 0
Service provision 2