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Table 4 Quantitative ratings from monitoring progress forms alongside qualitative comments from telephone support questionnaires

From: Field-testing phase of the development of individual cognitive stimulation therapy (iCST) for dementia

Themes Interest (%) Communication (%) Enjoyment (%) Mood (%) Overall rating Positive comments Negative comments Difficultya (%)
Physical Games H (67) H (67) H (67) H (67) H Good, successful session Too heavy, cannot be used indoors, person does not like skittles M/L (67)
Word Association H (100) H (67) H (67) H (100) H Best session, fun, easy but gave the person confidence, did well in the session   L (67)
Word Games H (100) H (100) H (100) H (100) H Good, fun, gave the person confidence, word grid not easy but enjoyable Word search provided looks too difficult, jumbled letter grid looks too difficult L (75)
Thinking Cards H (100) H (100) H (100) H (100) H Good fun, amusing Too easy L (100)
Childhood H (100) H (100) H (100) H (100) H Interesting images of childhood toys Games shown in images obscure, difficult to locate photographs M/L (100)
Quiz H (100) H (100) H (100) H (100) H Fun, enjoyed the exercise but didnt do very well, did well at music quiz   L (100)
Faces & Scenes H (100) H (100) H/M (67) H (83) H Enjoyed looking at images, images brought back happy memories, stimulated discussion Not as interested in faces as scenes, questions for scenes activity difficult L (67)
Sound H (100) H (100) M/L (100) H (100) H Had fun listening to the music, lot of discussion generated, types of music activity better, session went well Difficult due to problems with hearing, clips too short, too easy, too difficult to identify instruments H (67)
Number Games H (50) H/M (100) M/L (100) H (100) H Person did well with dominoes Not interested in dominoes or cards, person found the sessions hard L (75)
Useful Tips M (60) H (80) H/M (80) H (83) H Created a lot of discussion, session went very well Activity issilly L (80)
Art Discussion H/M (100) H (100) H (100) H (100) H Good, lots of discussion   L (100)
Visual Clips H (100) H (100) M-H (100) H (100) H Interesting Controversial adverts too difficult L (100)
Current Affairs H (50) H (50) M (50) H (75) H   Person had no idea of world events M (50)
My Life M (100) H (83) M (67) H (100) H/M Family tree challenging but enjoyable, good questions on game board, loved old photos, Not interested in family tree, images of occupations need to be clearer L (67)
Categorising Objects M (67) M (67) H (67) H (100) H/M Enjoyed activity and gave lots of reasons and ideas, discussion beneficial, odd one out cards easy and swift, positive session   L (100)
Household Treasures M (67) H (67) M (100) H (100) H/M Good, happy to identify pairs and discuss images, easy but created a lot of discussion Difficult to identify old and new objects, topics did not interest the person L (100)
Slogans M (100) M (100) L (100) H (100) H/M Logos enjoyable Logos look too difficult, slogans too difficult and too old H (100)
Using Money M/L (67) M (67) M (67) H (67) M Enjoyed talking about currency, very good Not interesting, no idea of value of money L (67)
Orientation M (71) M (57) L (57) L (57) M/L World map interesting Did not like looking at maps, too difficult, not interesting or engaging, images of landmarks difficult to recognize L (57)
Food L (67) H (67) L (67) H (67) Mixed Images very clear Difficult to recognize some types of food H (50)
Being Creative H (40) L (60) H (40) L (60) Mixed   Not interesting, person has never done anything creative L (100)
  1. Ratings of ‘not at all’ and ‘a little’ classified as ‘low’ and shown abbreviated as ‘L’ , ratings of ‘moderately’ as ‘moderate’ , shown abbreviated as ‘M’ , and ‘quite a bit’ or ‘extremely’ as ‘high’ , abbreviated as ‘H’
  2. aFor ‘difficulty’ , ‘high’ indicates most difficult