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Table 5 MHSP and HPAS perspectives of the community engagement process

From: Improving healthcare for Aboriginal Australians through effective engagement between community and health services

Mainstream Health Service Providers and Health Providers of Aboriginal Services Mixed evidence Strong evidence Very strong evidence
Were Aboriginal community views effectively translated into action by health services?    
 Direct interaction of communities with service provider    X
 Respectful, accountable, committed    X
 Consultation led to action and improved services    X
 Inclusive of Aboriginal people    X
 More equitable power balance   X  
 Learning process   X  
 Overall changes seen in health services in region    X
 Increased sensitivity to Aboriginal culture and flexibility in service delivery    X
 Building trust and providing a service that is welcoming and respectful    X
 Community views are fed back and commitment to change at higher levels    X
 Improved continuity of care, follow-up and referral of Aboriginal patients (Linkages created)   X  
 Flexibility and availability of service provider   X  
 Valuing and translating community input into services    X
 Networking by service providers to raise awareness and build relationships to facilitate effective services    X
 Increase in health service use by Aboriginal people   X  
 More health services are available for Aboriginal people    X
 New ways of working and delivering health services    X