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Table 4 DAHAG and ASSU perspectives of the community engagement process

From: Improving healthcare for Aboriginal Australians through effective engagement between community and health services

Was the engagement process sufficiently broad and participative to capture a range of community views? Mixed evidence Strong evidence Very strong evidence
 Community engagement process was effective    X
 DAHAGs as effective strategy to recruit broad representation of community members   X  
 Wide community representation X   
Did the engagement process meet Aboriginal participants’ expectations?    
 Aboriginal ownership and decision making, raising issues, advocating for change, supporting one another    X
 Initial scepticism, apprehension about the initiative    X
 Surprise that things were actually happening and that outcomes were emerging from the engagement process    X
 Not tokenistic    X
 Opportunity to break cycles and make change    X
 Opportunity to meet with service providers and raise issues    X
 Consultation has led to action, change and outcomes    X
Were those views effectively translated into actions by health services?    
 Direct interaction with service providers    X
 Service providers engaging with and listening to Aboriginal people    X
 Accountability, commitment to improvement    X
 Service providers reporting back and making changes to practice    X
 Overall changes seen in health services in the region    X
 Increased sensitivity of service providers to Aboriginal culture   X  
 Increased flexibility in service delivery   X  
 Community views are fed back with commitment to change at higher levels in health services X   
 Improved continuity of care, follow-up and referral of Aboriginal patients (Linkages created)   X  
 Flexibility and availability of service provider   X  
 Valuing and translating community input into services    X
 Networking by service providers to raise awareness and build relationships to facilitate effective services   X  
What changes (if any) in trust/confidence in health services have been experienced at a personal, family or community level?    
 Two-way capacity building (Aboriginal community and service providers)   X  
 Consultation has led to action    X
 Providing a service that is welcoming and respectful   X  
 The community engagement process allayed concerns and built trust    X
 Increase in health service use by Aboriginal people   X  
 More health services are available for Aboriginal people    X
 Aboriginal people having a voice in their health care    X
 Aboriginal specific services    X
 Relationship building between Aboriginal people and service providers    X
 Culturally appropriate services    X
 Relaxed, safe and welcoming atmosphere    X
 Continuity of care   X