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Table 1 Coping efforts and coping dimensions

From: Coping strategies in anxious surgical patients

Problem- focused coping I would like to be able to use the internet to gain further information. (Internet) a
I would like to have educational software or video material on a PC for further information. (Multimedia) a
I would like to be offered alternative methods of stress reduction (e.g. Acupuncture). (Alternative Medicine) b
Emotional-focused coping I would like to receive anxiolytic drugs. (Anxiolytic Medication) c
I use mainly mental resources to cope. (’not thinking about it…“, I distract myself, “positive thinking …”). (Mental Strategies) a
social support I get the information I want from family members and friends. (Family/Friends) a
I research the reputation of the clinic and consult other patients treated there. (Reputation) a
I would like a serious and reassuring conversation with a doctor or nurse. (Calming Conversation) a
I would like to talk in some depth with a physician regarding the procedure. (Physician (educational)) a
  1. Note: The left column contains the coping dimensions and the right column lists the wording of the coping efforts used in the questionnaire. Allocation of the coping efforts are indicated by letters in superscript: a: Bruchon-Schweizer et al. (1996) [15]; b: Lavery et al. (1996) [26]; c: Perodeau et al. (2007) [29]