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Table 4 Quality of life: impact on physical, social and occupation health

From: Co-designing inflammatory bowel disease (Ibd) services in Scotland: findings from a nationwide survey

Quote no. Quote
Quality of life: Impact on emotional/mental health
  1. “ least cancer has the decency of killing you after torture. Not build you up and attack again…Also on antidepressants…” (P1)
  2. “it takes over your life….always have constant fear of what’s next.” (P148)
  3. “..impact on confidence is greatly affected..” (P8)
  4. “This illness is so debilitating and embarrassing…” (P131)
  5. “people don’t realise just how low you can get when having a flare up…it just drains you emotionally.” (P95)
  6. “its been horrendously isolating….has precluded me from contemplating seeking a partner.” (P139)
  7. “its horrible and upsetting and makes life a lot more difficult for the sufferer and sufferer’ family.” (P40)
  8. “More could be done on the counselling side of things too, depression and anxiety can follow a flare up.” (P36)
  9. “I find stress makes me flare up and feel that the nurses and GP's seem to be disregarding the help people need emotionally.” (P86)
  10. “Fatigue, stress and anxiety all make the condition worse and are brought about by it but no strategies are ever offered by NHS staff.” (P155)