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Table 2 Factor loading values along with Cronbach’s Alpha

From: Barriers to sexual health care: a survey of Iranian-American physicians in California, USA

  Factor1 Factor2 Factor3
Factor 1: Embarrassment (α** = 0.91)    
 I feel embarrassed with Iranian females 0.76471   
 I feel embarrassed with Iranian males 0.77918   
 I feel embarrassed with non-Iranian females 0.89086   
 I feel embarrassed with non-Iranian males 0.88646   
Factor 2: Cultural and religion (α = 0.87)    
 My religion does not allow it   0.81285  
 A family member present with the patient   0.50160  
 My culture doesn’t allow it   0.85946  
 I have not had enough training in obtaining sexual history   0.69278  
 Fear of patients taking it personally   0.73668  
Factor 3: Time and financial constraint (α = 0.87)    
 Lack of time    0.89156
 Lack of reimbursement    0.88676
Values less than 0.5 are not printed.
  1. Factor Loading below 0.5 are left blanked for clarity of reading. **Cronbach Alpha