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Table 3 Correlation analysis between total-score and sub-scores of SCCS and SSRS in bedside nurses

From: Social supports and mental health: a cross-sectional study on the correlation of self-consistency and congruence in China

  Objective support Utilization of support Subjective support Total SSRS Self–conflict Self-stereotype Self-flexibility Total SCCS
Objective support 1.00b -- -- -- −0.11b −0.13b −0.33b −0.14b
Utilization of Support -- 1.00b -- -- −0.06b −0.22b 0.11b −0.13b
Subjective support -- -- 1.00b -- −0.23b −0.06b −0.20b −0.27b
Total SSRS -- -- -- 1.00b −0.23b −0.20b −0.25b −0.22b
Self-conflict 0.27a 0.53a 0.02a 0.02a 1.00b -- -- --
Self-stethoscope 0.18a 0.02a 0.56a 0.05a -- 1.00b -- --
Self-flexibility <0.01a 0.28a 0.04a 0.01a -- -- 1.00b --
Total SCCS 0.70a 0.08a 0.03a 0.01a -- -- -- 1.00b
  1. Note. aP value; bcorrelation coefficient
  2. SCCS stands for self-consistency and congruence scale. SSRS stands for social support rating scale