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Table 2 Data collection domains

From: Assessing policy dialogues and the role of context: Liberian case study before and during the Ebola outbreak

Key Issue • Parameters for assessment
Contextualisation and understanding of the dialogue • Policy context
• Understanding of the dialogue
• Importance of the dialogue
• Issues for national and sub-national level dialogues
Governance and management of the dialogue • Governance and management structure and approaches
Policy dialogue processes • Selection of dialogue themes
• Clarity of the issue to be deliberated upon
• Selection of dialogue speakers and participants to the dialogues
• Presentations informed by evidence
• Facilitation of the processes
• Feedback mechanisms (reporting) and follow-up of recommendations
Policy dialogue outcomes • Level of harmonisation of activities of partners
• Degree of stakeholders’ alignment to one plan
• Level of collaboration between national and sub-national levels
• Health systems and health outcomes attributable to the dialogue process
Policy dialogue around the Ebola response • Governance and oversight issues being addressed prior to the Ebola outbreak
• Pre-Ebola experiences: level of coordination of existing structure, management vs. accountability, successes vs. challenges
• Changes in the nature of the policy dialogues occasioned by Ebola (national and sub-national)
• Changes in the dialogue processes occasioned by Ebola (national and sub-national)