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Table 3 Thematic definitions of policy dialogue

From: Perspectives on health policy dialogue: definition, perceived importance and coordination

Definition of policy dialogue Cape Verde Chad Guinea Liberia Togo
National National Sub-national National Sub-national National Sub-national National Sub-national
Outcome oriented policy dialogue • Integrated approach to health questions and development of consensual strategic documents
• Process to achieve mutual objectives jointly with partners
• A dynamic process involving all stakeholders through appropriate frameworks for exchange and consultation on ideas in the conduct of policy issues with the aim of having a consensus around a plan   • Exchanging ideas for the development of various strategic documents, and implementation arrangements and monitoring of programmes • An approach that brings everybody together to solve health problems
• Dialogue that binds all health workers to identify solutions to strengthen the health system
   • Dialogue between stakeholders to achieve consensus on management of the health sector and on responsive, contextualised and implementable policies
• Involvement of all stakeholders in discussions to find solutions, inform implementation and improve service delivery
• Dialogue among stakeholders to ensure harmonisation, seek commitment and find solutions to health problems
Policy dialogue as a tool (operational oriented policy dialogue) • Tool to stop international partners from imposing their views and ideas • Collaboration with partners on health policy       • Tool to strengthen cohesion in the implementation of sectoral policies by all stakeholders  
Process oriented definition   • Mechanism for the Ministry of Health to provide leadership
• Reconciliation mechanism between donor and recipient
  • Process that can set up a good health system for the benefit of the people • Process for pooling interventions around a single pillar for guidance • Series of consultative meetings
• Coordination of stakeholders, ensuring participatory approaches for all stakeholders
• Discussions of policy documents that help ministries of health to implement their strategic plans
• Means to build the capacities of ministries of health in different areas
• Mechanisms for stakeholders to provide technical input into health policies
• Series of consultative meetings   • Dialogue of stakeholders to discuss health policies
Forum/platform oriented policy dialogue    • A partnership among stakeholders • Platform or mechanisms to ensure stakeholder input into policies and to pool resources to meet the health needs of populations
• Forum that brings together different interest groups that are committed to addressing health issues
Interactive knowledge-sharing policy dialogue     • A process of exchanging ideas and sharing evidence to inform policy development and implementation