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Table 2 Baseline and Alternative Screening Scenario Results

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of anal cancer screening in women with cervical neoplasia in British Columbia, Canada

Scenario ΔCost LYG QALY Mean ICER Cost/Cancer avoided
Baseline $82.17 0.004 −0.0364 $20,561/LYG $67,933
Scenario A – 5 years of screening $68.25 0.002 −0.0195 $29,673/LYG; dominateda $148,532
Scenario B – “One-off” screening $13.06 0.0007 −0.0037 $52,602/LYG; dominateda $102,806
  1. LYG – incremental Life Years Gained; QALY – incremental Quality-Adjusted Life Years; ICER – Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio
  2. athese ICERs should be interpreted as the function of a denominator that is centered around (or slightly below) zero, rather than the result of a cost reduction