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Table 5 “Key behaviours” score sheet

From: An exploration of clinical practice in sites with and without clinical nurse or midwife specialists or advanced nurse practitioners, in Ireland

Criterion A F S N Notes
 Listening skills – clinician gives time for patient/client to talk, looks open and relaxed, shows by response that they have heard what was said      
Feedback – clinician checks that patient/client understood what was said      
Decision making – patient/client’s point of view asked for, patient/client appears involved in decision      
Information giving – gives information either verbal, written, or by demonstration      
Using open questions – clinician picks up and acts on cues “You look distressed…”, or “Is there anything you would like to ask?”      
Liaison with other key stakeholders (family, other MDT, other and state which)      
Safe environment
Criterion A F S N Notes
Hand washing – between every patient/client      
Using gloves, if appropriate      
Equipment – maintaining sterility      
Using research evidence
Criterion A F S N Notes
Refers to research, or evidence from audit, or web-sites, during consultations      
Health promotion/lifestyle
Criterion A F S N Notes
Health promotion advice or literature given – in addition to information on the specific disorder/reason for care      
Education provided on self-monitoring the patient/client’s condition      
  1. A = Always, F = Frequently, S = Sometimes, N = Never, Notes = Notes on evidence – how condition was met. N/A can be used for “Not applicable”