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Table 4 Observation schedule

From: An exploration of clinical practice in sites with and without clinical nurse or midwife specialists or advanced nurse practitioners, in Ireland

Type of outcome Outcome Example of evidence/lack of evidence
Patient Patient/client involved in shared decision making  
Patient/client/family knowledgeable and prepared (preparedness for treatment, patient or family education, health promotion activity  
Patient/client aware of diagnosis and understands consequences, treatment options,  
Facilitates continuity of care  
Nurse or midwife or health professional Advises others on use of evidence/research relevant to practice  
Involved in policy development/dissemination  
Involved in knowledge-educating other professionals  
Provides leadership in an area of practice  
Involved in clinical initiatives (care pathway development, clinical guidelines)  
Addresses patient/client symptoms and experiences of illness/distress addressed (Symptom management, looking at holistic assessment, assessment that is wide ranging)  
Demonstrates clinical autonomy  
Health Care Service Evidence of shared decision making with other members of the multi-disciplinary team  
Refers to other health professionals  
Assessment of service needs initiated by the CNS or ANP  
Facilitates speedy access to services for patient/client  
Evidence of networking/linking with community health professionals/voluntary organisations on patient/client issues