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Table 3 Percentage of excellent ratings for individual CAT items

From: Italian translation and cultural adaptation of the communication assessment tool in an outpatient surgical clinic

CAT item Ratings
(% Excellent)
(N = 65)
1. Greeted me in a way that made me feel comfortable 56.9
2. Treated me with respect 63.1
3. Showed interest in my ideas about my health 49.2
4. Understood my main health concerns 50.8
5. Paid attention to me (looked at me, listened carefully) 64.6
6. Let me talk without interruptions 61.5
7. Gave me as much information as I wanted 63.1
8. Talked in terms I could understand 69.2
9. Checked to be sure I understood everything 58.5
10. Encouraged me to ask questions 36.9
11. Involved me in decisions as much as I wanted 55.4
12. Discussed next steps, including any follow-up plans 61.5
13. Showed care and concern 63.1
14. Spent the right amount of time with me 60.0